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The Beehive:

Vanilla Cake soaked in a Rosewater, Orange Blossom and Honey Syrup filled with local Honey Swiss Buttercream and Bee Pollen

Chocolate Raspberry Rose:

Valrhona Chocolate Cake soaked in a Rosewater Syrup filled with Raspberry Rose Preserves and White Chocolate Swiss Buttercream

Apricot Chocolate:

Apricot-Vanilla Cake filled with Milk Chocolate Fiori de Sicilia Swiss Buttercream and Apricot Preserves

Lemon Elderflower:

Lemon Elderflower Cake soaked in St. Germain Syrup filled with house made Lemon Curd and Elderflower Buttercream


Vanilla Buttermilk Cake soaked in a Cinnamon Syrup filled with Cinnamon-Sugar Swiss Buttercream and sprinkled with a salty-sweet Cinnamon Sugar

Italian Cream:

Vanilla Cream Cake with Coconut and Pecans filled with Dark Chocolate Swiss Buttercream 

Tropical Coconut:

Coconut Cake filled with Passionfruit Buttercream and Toasted Coconut

Chocolate Pistachio:

Valrhona Chocolate Cake filled with Dark Chocolate Swiss Buttercream and Dark Chocolate Pistachio Ganache


Champagne Cake filled with Champagne Cream Swiss Buttercream and fresh Strawberry Preserves

Chocolate Espresso:

Valrhona Chocolate Cake filled with Espresso Swiss Buttercream and Valrhona Dulcey Pearls (small chocolate candies with caramel notes)

Banana Flambé:

Banana Cake filled with Bourbon Caramel Sauce, and Valrhona Chocolate Swiss Buttercream

Blackberry Almond:

Almond Cake filled with Vanilla Swiss Buttercream and Blackberry Preserves

Spiced Pear:

Pear-Vanilla Cake filled with Spiced Maple Swiss Buttercream and Pear Lavender Preserves, topped with Honey Roasted Almonds

Vanilla Chocolate:

Vanilla Cake filled with White Chocolate Swiss Buttercream and Valrhona White Chocolate Pearls

*Ingredients are sourced locally from the Salt Lake Community. All Preserves are made by Amour Spreads; coffee is from La Barba or Publik; Bourbon is from High West Distillery in Park City; the floral syrup is sourced from Laziz; and the Honey is from Hollow Tree

**most flavors available Gluten-Free for additional cost and many cakes available Vegan, Egg-Free, and Nut-Free.